About us

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting our blog. We are Laura (19) and Steffi (19) from Belgium. We are marketing students, studying and living in the center of Antwerp. It's so exciting to share all of our stories about fashion, make-up and lifestyle with you guys. We will be writing in English to reach the biggest audience possible. 

Bright and Brunette is the name of our blog. We thought it would be perfect, because it describes how we look. Steffi is the one with blond hair and blue/green eyes and Laura the brunette with brown eyes. B&B also tells a little bit more about the way we live. We are bon vivants (stereotype for blond girls), but we also try to reach all of our goals by working and studying hard, sometimes we are serious and even more mysterious (brunette). We believe there's a Bright and Brunette hiding in every girl  no matter what your hair looks like. 

Live the bright side of life!

Lots of love,

Laura and Steffi

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